The Miskatonic University is a large, very prosperous university in the city of Arkham, Massachusetts. It is
U of D

The University

known for its wild usage of funding and tuition, such as an antarctic expedition, and for its large library of the occult, including a copy of the Necronomicon, translated into Latin. 

The University hosts some of the best and brightest of pupils, including Herbert West, and also attracts attention from the people who serve the beings of the Mythos, due to the Necronomicon being present within. 


Dr. Henry Armitage: Chief Librarian

Professor Ferdinand C. Ashley: Ancient History

Professor Atwood: Physics

Professor Dexter: Zoology

Professor William Dyer: Geology

Professor Ellery: Chemistry

Professor Tyler M. Freeborn: Anthropology

Dr. Allen Halsey: Dean of the Medical School

Professor Lake: Biology

Dr. Francis Morgan: Archaeology

Professor Frank H. Pabodie: Engineering

Professor Nathaniel Wingate Peaslee: Political Economy

Professor Wingate Peaslee: Psychology

Professor Warren Rice: Languages

Professor Upham: Mathematics

"Old" Waldron: College doctor

Albert N. Wilmarth: English