Hello all, since you joined this wiki you are hereby to follow the instructions and rules of it. Just remember every wiki has rules including this one. The rules stated here will be followed with no exceptions whatsoever. Failure to do so will result in a ban or perma-ban, this will be your fault and no one else's.


Lovecraft and his successors were brilliant fiction writers of the macarbe, grousome, and evil.  


User:Lord Dalek Lord Azathoth (Founder)

User:The Black and White King Blessed Cultist (Admin)

Basic RulesEdit

Every offense of these rules will double ban time.

Respect all usersEdit

From that brand new user with the username Obamaluvs69 to the found of this Wiki (Lord Dalek) all users are to be treated with respect. Anyone who does not treat a user who is truly trying to use this wiki for their entertainment is liable to a ban of 3 weeks. 


Anyone who spams, which is defined as "Information that is either redunant, not required, or ridicious added to the wiki" is liable to a ban of 4 weeks.