Raphanasuan, or Ravana as he is more commonly known, is a powerful king of demons from Hindu mythology and is often depicted as having ten or more heads with multiple arms. He is famous for kidnapping the wife of Rama, although he is seen primarily as the antagonist of the story he has had some followers and devotees in the Hindu faith who see him as a more morally flexible being than his more commonly seen evil incarnation.  As stated earlier above, Ravan is in fact a Great Old One posing as a figure within the Hindu mythological folklore known as Raphanasuan, the One From Sun Race. It is likely that due to his appearance and power, he earned his place in the ranks of the Hindu pantheon of demons, and became the king of demons. It is also believed that Raphanasuan was in actuality attempting to inflitrate the Hindu pantheon since one of the deities is considered an Elder God; the eternal enemies of the Great Old Ones.