To make a character on this wiki is really rather simple. There is a basic format, and then you may add any other detail you wish. Remember: Anything you have in a character for history can only be events PRIOR to the RP. So your character cannot be a Vietnam Veteran. 





Eye color: (Any color found in humans)

Hair color: (Any normal color/dyes that would be around)

Taints/Lovecraftian Influence: (covered later)

Gender: (Male or Female)

Race: (In this context, we mean race as in if the character is caucasian, african american, asian, or so on)

History: (Backstory)

Lovecraftian influencesEdit

Talk to an Admin about Taints. Other influences that you wish to have also require talking to an admin. Other influences may include Yith Possession, possibly the character being a Tcho-Tcho , or other such things.


Give a sense of your character by chosing a song that you believe represents the character best. This song can be from any band. It is preferred that you choose a video of the song that contains lyrics of some form.