Gloon, also known as the Corrupter of Flesh, and the  Master of the Temple, Glhuun. It usually manifests through a Dionysian sculpture, but its true form is that of a gigantic wattled slug-creature. Gloon is a Great Old One imprisoned within a statue in Atlantis by powerful sorcerers thousands of years ago.

Due to the appearance of the statue, Gloon was constantly mistaken to the mythical Greek deity Dionysius. Despite its imprisoned state, it is capable of manifesting its slug-like form through the statue. As stated before, Gloon is imprisoned within a temple in submerged Atlantis where it guards a portal to some unknown inter-dimensional place.

Although worshiped by the Atlanteans and possibly by other ancient civilizations, Gloon has no human following today. Anyone possessing one of the statues of Gloon in its handsome youthful form experiences vivid dreams of strange titan cities beneath the waves.

Watery granite towers and barnacle-encrusted temples haunt the sleeper’s consciousness. After a week of these bizarre images, one scene begins to reoccur-a dark basalt temple of enormous size from whose door and multitudinous windows emanates a faint glow.