Now, this RP takes place in the 1930s, an era MUCH different from the one we live within now. This list is used to show all (firearm) weapons that are appropriate for a character to have. Any attacks made with a firearm not on this list will simply be ignored.


Revolvers: Many calibers, often holding 5-7 shots, most commonly 6.

M1911 semi-automatic handgun: Holding 7 .45 ACP cartridge rounds.

The Thompson Sub-Machine Gun: The "Tommy" gun, with either 20-30 round "stick"
magazines, or 50-100 "drum" magazines of .45 ACP cartridge rounds. 

Browning M1919 Machine Gun: Large gun, mainly mounted on cars, buildings, or the
ground with bipods. Holds a 250 round belt of .30-06 Springfield cartridges.

M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle: 20 round detachable box magazine of .30-06
Springfield cartridges.

Browning M1919 Sniper Rifle: Simply a Browning M1919 with a sniper scope and at
"Semi-automatic" instead of "automatic" when firing. 

Shot Gun: Double barreled Shot Gun, firing two 12 or 16 gauge shells.

Melee weaponsEdit

Possibly any item of the appropriate era could be used, be it a sword, a bayonet, a rock or anything of that nature. Of course, some of those items will be more effective then others; your more likely to kill with a stab from a sword then a stab with a fork. 

Other WeaponsEdit

These weapons do not fit in either class.

Mark 2 A1 frag grenade: A grenade that explodes around 4-4.8 seconds after being 


Molotov cocktail: A bottle of strong liquor with a rag stuck in it. The "poor man's

granade." Coats a small area with fire. May fail to work sometimes.