• Justanotherherorpg

    A new programmer

    December 7, 2017 by Justanotherherorpg

    Hello! I'm Nuke (Well that's my main name)

    And I'm a new programmer, and this is my first game ever so I am in need of many new items, sprites and other suchs things. Every so often (However long that maybe that'll be up to time) i'll post a few Photos, Videos and other forms of visible content however that takes time and games are no exceptions this is mainly due to school and how i'm a solo developer so I don't have a lot of time out of my day to continuously program codes.

    I also will follow others any term of service you guys may provide, and i'll be following my rules from here on out  (This is not for you but rather for myself)

    1. Always follow this site's (Fandom) rules and terms of service, while also following other creators (You in …

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  • Lord Dalek

    So, guys, this wiki has been dead but dreaming, the arcane thoughts of a few are slowly processed and added to this lexicon of knowledge. I desire a change in that regard. Possibly, could we try to advertise this wiki and get more people on?

    Else I fear this wiki shall be carried into the Center of the Universe by the Byakhee, into the Great MAw of Azathoth himself. 

    Also, I'll be re-vamping the magic system, making it much more Mythos-esc. 

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  • Lord Dalek


    February 25, 2014 by Lord Dalek

    Greetings my fellow Role-players and lovers of Lovecraft and his corespondents and all Lovecraftian Writers of past and present, with me being a hopeful future candidate among that pantheon. Welcome to the Cosmos, where the most eldritch and forbidden secrets of the universe are revealed! 

    So, anyways, I need as much help as I can get. Thanks for joining. That is all. 

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